About me

Bachir El Khadir

I am a Goldstine Fellow at IBM Research in New York. In 2020, I completed my PhD at Princeton University under the supervision of Amir Ali Ahmadi. Before joining Princeton, I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique.

I am broadly interested in Polynomial Optimization, Dynamical Systems & Control, and Machine Learning. You can learn more about my work by having a look at my papers.

You can contact me at: bachir[at]ibm[dot]com


  • New video on Kalman Filters

  • New video on Newton’s method in optimization


  • Slides I used for my Ph.D. dissertation defense.

  • New paper on motion planning using SDPs.

  • New video on Learning Dynamical Systems with Side Information.

  • I will be a Goldstine Fellow at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center starting in September.

  • The recording of my talk at MIT (Friday March 20th, 2020) is now available. Video, Slides.

  • Our recent paper on “Learning with Side Information” has been accepted for an oral presentation at the L4DC conference.

  • Slides for recent talk at Oberwolfach.